The team has over 50 years of experience determining the cause of glass fracture, laminated glass failure, degradation, delamination, insulated glass unit failure and water leakage.

We have worked closely with glass processors in Europe, Middle East, China and the USA providing quality assurance and project vetting services. Therefore if you are considering a new glazing supplier, or have concerns over the quality of existing products we are equipped to assist.

We have a range of test facilities for both in-house and on-site testing:

  • EN 12600 (Drop tyre)
  • BS 6180:2011, balustrade deflection testing
  • High temperature test (bake test)
  • Tensile testing (Tensometer)
  • Glass compressive stress
  • Roller Wave (ripple)
  • Laminate adhesion (Pummel test and adhesion meter)
  • Slip resistance testing
  • Dew point testing of insulated glass units (IGU)

We have a range of calibrated specialist survey equipment for laboratory and site use.

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