Crossley Consult can provide independent expert material analysis for glass and a range of other façade elements on projects big and small.

Typically, we require samples to be analysed off-site, but our laboratories also have the capability to simulate the condition of an installed unit (including accelerated aging) using replica samples of identical composition.  These samples can then be analysed to determine the likely state of the installed unit.

Crossley Consult can provide the following services:

  • Microscopic analysis (Optical, SEM)
  • Surface and compositional analysis (ToF-SIMS, EDX, XPS)
  • Mechanical testing (Tensile, Compression, Impact, DMA)
  • Spectroscopic analysis (FTIR, NIR, Raman, UV)
  • Thermal analysis (DSC, TGA, TMA)

The services listed above are particularly applicable to the testing of glass and façade materials, but we also have the capability and expertise to test a variety of other materials found within the envelope of building construction.  Please enquire for further details.

In addition to raw test results, we can provide a thorough in-depth report and follow-up services (if required) to tailor our service to your specific inquiry.

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